This blog is part of a PhD project exploring how travel experience is narrativised for publication on social media. Specifically, it provides a vehicle for reflecting on my experiences using my social media platforms to share travel moments.

The purpose of reflecting on my own experience is to probe how devices and social media are integrated with travel, things like: how do I carry, charge and use devices during my trip? how does connectivity to friends, family, and current affairs affect my mental state? How and where do I find an internet connection? And, what bearing does travel sharing on social media have on my itinerary and travel experiences?

So far there have been mainly large scale studies exploring social media use during travel, but less that explore the personal processes through which travel social media use occurs. This is what I seek to unveil with my project.

The lens for this study is a 3 month van trip through California and Mexico (movement which I was able to convince my wife is our honeymoon!) There will be at least one more international trip following this one in the hope of refining my observations and generating more usable data.

“Destination Unknown” reflects the spontaneous decisions and unexpected paths of travel and also the wide, interconnected world of information sharing on social media. When you make a post or share a photo, the future movement of this information is largely out of your hands, its destinations unknown and, perhaps, infinite.

Presented here are the combined stories of my journeys on land and online. Please follow and enjoy. I’ll be happy to field questions, comments and suggestions of any kind.

Angelo Magasic

Curtin University Australia


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