A Google Map of My Trip

I’m back home and beginning to look at the data from my travel. Using Google Maps I’ve been able to make a map of my trip which shows not only my itinerary, i.e. where I was on any given day, but also the hours spent recording travel and the main type of connectivity encountered that day.

Being able to combine my different data streams (i.e. itinerary, recording log) into a holistic pictorial representation is very useful in allowing me to spot different trends in my practice recording travel and also in calculating overall statistics. This includes things like how much time I spent recording travel each day on average, and how different zones of connectivity affect how much time I spend recording travel.

It looks like this:
map small

The different icons indicate different zones of connectivity (a star is ‘residential’, a circle is ‘transit’, and an inverted teardrop is ‘remote’). Cooler colours indicate less time recording to travel to social media while hotter colours indicate more. The icons have been placed in a way which is not geographically accurate but which rather allows for the best visualisation of the data. Similarly, the use of one single point for each day of the trip is problematic as it reduces the amount of movement that actually took place within the trip (for example, many day trips are omitted form the map), however, this was the best way to match my itinerary with my recording log.

Some interesting insights:

Average time recording travel per day= 2 hrs 52 mins

Approximately 50% of the time spent recording travel was on social media , 30% on offline activities like taking photographs, editing or drafting and  20% on email.  Thus, social media travel recording was about ¾ online activties, ¼ offline activities.

Approximately half of my time was spent in transit connectivity, with the remaining half split fairly equally between residential and remote spaces.

On moving days, I spent on average thirty minutes less recording travel than on stationary days indicating a weak correlation between situatedness and travel recording.

At first glance, it seems like there isn’t a strong correlation between time spent recording travel and connectivity type. This is because, for a short time at least, a spotty Internet connection can be supplemented by offline preparation.


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